New for 2023 - Hillcrest HealthCare System is in network for Senior Health Plan.

Submit an Application

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Online Enrollment Options

Enroll your clients through the portal by clicking the Broker Login button. You will be able to download a copy of your client’s application at any time and track the applications progress. Remember that your clients that you enroll by phone or fax will NOT be in your broker portal.

Phone Enrollments

To complete an enrollment by phone, you and your client can three-way call into our enrollment team at (918) 594-5275. One of our representatives will help you and your client complete their enrollment into our plan quickly over the phone.

Email or Fax

Email us your application here! If you do not have secure email, please fax your application to 918-878-5978. Please include the application (5 pages), a Scope of Appointment and any comments/questions you may have. We will be reaching out shortly with a confirmation email.

Please remember that CommunityCare requires a Scope of Appointment form (SOA) with ALL applications regardless of how you submit them. You can fax or email us your SOA or you can use our online Scope of Appointment portal for your SOAs.