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Non-Emergency Transportation

Need a ride to your doctor? Advantage Medicare Plan includes non-emergency transportation on all of our plans. If you need a ride to your doctor — either one way or round trip — call Customer Service at (918) 594-5202 to schedule a ride.

We contract with several different transportation providers to ensure that a driver is ready when you are. Your plan has up to 12 one-way trips each year. If you just need a ride one-way, you are using one of your 12 trips and will have a $5 copay. If you schedule a ride to and from your doctor, you are using 2 of your trips, but it is still a $5 copay.

Rides must be scheduled at least 48 hours in advance of your appointment by calling Customer Service. Once your appointment is over, the receptionist will call your driver and they will pick you up.

There is no mileage restriction — you can use this benefit to get to any of our contracted doctors in the service area.

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